The Invention.

Our aim was to develop a weather and water resistant material with the noble look and feel of wood. A material obtained from a renewable resource, resistant to water, sun, wind and cold. A material which does not splinter over time, saves resources and is always of a consistent, high quality.

After 15 years of intensive research we succeeded – Resysta was born. Since then, the material has passed several international stress tests under extreme conditions. As a hybrid material mainly consisting of rice husks, Resysta is not only extremely resistant; it also sets new standards of sustainability.

Furthermore, Resysta can be supplied in any shape and color. Thus, opening up completely new horizons for architects and designers – they can now realise their dreams with the visual appearance and structure of wood without being stopped by the material’s limits. As proud inventors here we only wish for one thing: that you discover the miracle of Resysta for yourself.



The Future Formula is called Resysta.

Already today, Resysta meets tomorrow’s technical and ecological demands. Owing to its durability and sustainability, completely new designs are possible. The fibre reinforced hybrid material is produced of approx. 60% rice husk, approx. 22% common salt and approx. 18% mineral oil, which makes it both environmentally friendly as well as extremely weather resistant against sun, rain, snow or salt water. At the same time Resysta requires minimal care and offers the look and feel of wood. Water resistant surfaces with the look of wood are Resysta‘s future. Wait and see!



Characteristics which leave a lasting impression.

WATER RESISTANCE: Since Resysta does not absorb any water, it can neither splinter, crack nor swell – it is exactly these properties that make it an extremely durable material.

WORKABLE LIKE WOOD: Resysta can be glued, sanded, milled, drilled, sawed and colored.

UV RESISTANCE: Resysta is extremely resistant against UV radiation.

SUSTAINABILITY: Resysta mainly consists of rice husk – a by-product of rice production. Rice husk is a renewable resource that can be replaced in short cycles.

100% RECYCLABLE: Resysta can be pulverised and new Resysta products continuously be processed out of it.



• 100% no wood

• 100% no WPC

• weatherproof

• waterproof

• dimensionally stable

• resistant to salt water

• barefoot-friendly

• no splintering

• no swelling

• no cracking

• no rotting

• slip-resistant

• individual coloring

• recyclable

• low-maintenance

• no insect infestation

• no fungal damage

• simple assembly

• glueable

• Class A Fire Rating



Every colour a favourite colour!

However you prefer Resysta, it's up to you. Upon the beautiful natural shade, each color can be applied – either opaque or as glaze. Also here, Resysta is unique. Since the material does not absorb any water, glazes do not chip off. Even extreme sun has minimal effect on the original shade. If you want to provide added protection to the low-maintenance surface, we recommend using our specially developed 2 Component Glaze. Our color chart contains carefully chosen shades. Do you have special wishes? We make it possible.



If you like wood, you will like Resysta.

Our passion for wood drove us to develop not just any substitute, but a material that even convinces experts in terms of look, feel and weight. The amazement we regularly experience from carpenters shows us that we did everything right. We consider Resysta, our successful innovation, to be the evolution of wood. Carpenters can process the material like its natural model: sawing, drilling, glazing, sanding or oiling etc. However, there is one crucial advantage: Resysta neither cracks nor splinters. Our future challenge is to realise exciting ideas with Resysta.






With all products exposed to weathering, changes of the surface appearance is taking place. Mechanical changes like swelling or shrinkage could not be demonstrated in this test.

It is clearly apparent that all wood specimen show distinct changes in color already after a short period of time. A similar effect - in milder form - can be observed with WPC materials.Besides, these feature the obvious plastic appearance.

Of all tested materials, Resysta most convincingly combines the look and feel of wood with longevity.